About Snidee

Snidee is a 28 year old recording artist and songwriter born and raised in Leicester in the East Midlands. Snidee has been producing, writing and recording music since he was 14 and literally breathes music.

He released his first mixtape in 2006 called Passed With Flying Colours, his second mixtape Bars Of Gold came in 2007 when he started taking music seriously and started working with a group called DSM (Dark Shift Movements). Together they created two albums in a year and by 2009 signed with a publishing company and went on tour nationwide with a single and an album.

In 2010 the group split up but Snidee carried on writing music and made the “Persistently Piff” mixtape in 2012 and then took a long term break. Now he is back, refreshed and fully focused and working on two new singles and a new album which isn’t yet titled, but will be tackling subjects such as mental health & other subjects that really aren’t touched on properly through music.

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